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Roving Periscope: In LS poll season, the West, its media, and Pakistan, join hands against PM Modi

Roving Periscope: In LS poll season, the West, its media, and Pakistan, join hands against PM Modi

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Virendra Pandit

New Delhi: Unable to digest India’s irresistible rise since 2014—and its continued proximity with Russia–the West, its colonial media, and other anti-India cabals have joined hands with Pakistan to somehow prevent Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s return to power for a third straight term.

These feeble attempts show how the anti-Indian lobby is desperate to somehow sabotage the return of PM Modi to power in June.
Expect more such “exposures” in the coming weeks.

Recently, the West expressed “concern” over the arrest of its blue-eyed boy Arvind Kejriwal who claims to be Delhi’s “Chief Minister” from behind bars where the courts—not the BJP-led government—have sent him in a 2021 liquor scam. India rejected the “concerns” of Germany and the US—even the United Nations—as an interference in the country’s internal matters and judicial system.

Peeved at India’s continued purchase of crude from Russia, off and on, the US and Canada also tried to revive the Khalistan Movement through their protected double-citizen Gurpatwant Singh Pannun…

Then, the former PM Begum Khaleda Zia’s Bangladesh National Party (BNP) took potshots at India, which the current PM Sheikh Hasina Wajed promptly exposed. China tried to meddle in India’s affairs via the Maldives and Sri Lanka, and also through Arunachal Pradesh, raking up old issues.

All these anti-Indian attempts, however, proved non-starters as the Modi juggernaut crisscrossed the length and breadth of India.
Then came what anti-Indians believed would be a “bombshell,” days before April 19 when the first vote is cast in India’s Lok Sabha elections. They expected to polarise voting patterns along communal lines, and at least lower the NDA’s seat tally.

Last week, this fresh attempt was led by the British Leftist mouthpiece “Guardian,” which claimed, quoting unnamed Pakistani and Indian “sources,” that India was responsible for the extrajudicial killing of nearly 20 terrorists in Pakistan.

While India did not officially react to these claims, the BBC, took it further and reported that India and Pakistan are trading barbs on this. This is how the Left-Liberal-Democratic (LLD) cabal keeps an issue alive, one of them reporting every day…

On Friday last, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, however, remarked that India would pursue anyone who escaped to Pakistan after disturbing peace in the country. As expected, Pakistan reacted sharply, calling the remarks provocative.

In the report, the British paper quoted “senior officials from two separate Pakistani intelligence agencies” who claimed that India’s spy agency – the Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) – was directly involved in the terrorists’ elimination.

The unnamed officials claimed that India’s targeted killings in Pakistan and the West had “increased significantly” since 2023 and that New Delhi drew inspiration from other foreign spy agencies, which have been linked to extrajudicial killings on foreign soil.

While External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar clarified that targeted killings in other countries were “not the government of India’s policy,” Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said that “any terrorist trying to create turmoil in India won’t be spared.”

“If they run away to Pakistan, we will enter Pakistan to kill them,” he was quoted as saying in response to a question about the Guardian report.

Predictably, Pakistan’s foreign office called Singh’s remarks “provocative.” “Such myopic and irresponsible behavior not only undermines regional peace but also impedes the prospects of constructive engagement in the long term.”

Islamabad claimed it had provided “irrefutable evidence” linking India to extrajudicial killings in its country and called on the international community to “hold India accountable for its illegal actions.”

“India’s assertion of its preparedness to extra-judicially execute more civilians, arbitrarily pronounced as ‘terrorists’, inside Pakistan constitutes a clear admission of culpability.”

In September 2023, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claimed there were “credible allegations potentially linking” the Indian state to the murder of Sikh separatist Hardeep Singh Nijjar in British Columbia in June of that year.

India denied the allegations asking Canada to share “concrete evidence” to back the claim.

In November, the US also claimed it had foiled an alleged plot by an Indian national, Nikhil Gupta, to assassinate Sikh separatist leader Gurpatwant Singh Pannun.

India again denied any involvement but said it was “cooperating” with US authorities on the issue.

So, wait for June. All these countries would “renew” their India relations, and cooperate with PM Modi!


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