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Important Stories

Roving Periscope: Academia against Hindus, says Georgia Assembly as it passes resolution against Hinduphobia

Virendra Pandit    New Delhi: While the anti-BJP Opposition parties and their ‘ecosystem’ in India routinely accuse the ruling party of fanning Hindutva, the Georgia General Assembly in the United States became the first American state to pass a legislative measure condemning Hinduphobia and anti-Hindu bigotry, the media reported on Saturday. In a resolution, the […]

Israel: Massive protests force Netanyahu to pause ‘judicial overhaul’

Virendra Pandit   New Delhi: For the first time since it came into existence in 1948, Israel, the tiny Middle Eastern country of just nine million people, is facing its worst political crisis with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu introducing a controversial “judicial overhaul” that would potentially make even the Supreme Court redundant—and against which not […]

Supreme Court dismissing Customs Department’s appeal against APML, APRL, MEGPTCL & others in alleged over-valuation of imported goods matter

Hon’ble Supreme Court dismissing Customs Department’s appeal against Adani Power Maharashtra Ltd. (APML), Adani Power Rajasthan Ltd. (APRL), Maharashtra Eastern Grid Power Transmission Co. Ltd. (MEGPTCL) & others in alleged over-valuation of imported goods matter. Today, Hon’ble Supreme Court after hearing both sides for considerable time, dismissed the Appeals filed by Customs Department against APML, […]

Swachhotsav: Rely on a garbage-free city

New Delhi, March 38: The ministry of housing and urban affairs is organising a rally for garbage-free cities under the campaign of Swachhotasav on the occasion of the International Day of Zero Waste on the dates of March 29, 30, and 31, 2023, in New Delhi. Swachhotsav, the three-week, woman-led swachata campaign, started on March […]