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Important Stories

Roving Periscope: Drug gangsters, aka ‘Khalistanis,’ sour Indo-Canadian relations

Virendra Pandit    New Delhi: The rivalry to control the multi-billion dollar worth of international drug smuggling, struggle for monopolistic supremacy, and inter-gang wars, have combined under the garb of the so-called “Khalistani Movement” and soured Indo-Canada bilateral relations. Some countries’ humanitarian policies to give ‘asylum’ to outsiders have become the latest tools the criminals […]

Money matters: Tight-rope walking, Canada may lose more than India

Virendra Pandit    New Delhi: As his opponents and social media dug out dozens of controversies involving Prime Minister Justin Trudeau—in February 2021, the Sikh truckers, who largely control Canada’s surface transport system, forced him to flee with his family on the COVID-19 compulsory vaccination issue—India turned more screws on him, issuing a travel advisory […]

Roving Periscope: “Provide proof”, Oppn grills Trudeau; the US distances from Canada

Virendra Pandit    New Delhi: As the Indo-Canadian bilateral relations nosedive on Ottawa’s ‘pro-Khalistan’ stance, Canada’s Opposition has criticized Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, asking him to “come clean” and provide evidence to substantiate his claims. But even before his New Delhi visit for the G-20 Summit early this month, his allies had refused to condemn […]

AGEL and TotalEnergies to expand partnership, TotalEnergies to invest USD 300m in an AGEL-TotalEnergies JV

Ahmedabad, September 20, 2023 –Adani Green Energy Limited (AGEL) and TotalEnergies have entered into a binding agreement to create a new JV, equally owned by TotalEnergies and AGEL, with a 1,050 MW portfolio. This portfolio will comprise a mix of already operational (300 MW), under construction (500 MW) & under development assets (250 MW) with […]

Adani Realty wins annual FIST 2023 Award

Ahmedabad, 20 September 2023: Adani Shantigram, the sprawling 630-acre township by Adani Realty, has been honored with the prestigious FIST 2023 Award. The recognition underscores the township’s commitment to ensuring the highest standards of security, safety, and emergency preparedness for its over 10,000 residents. The Fire & Security Association of India (FSAI) gives out the […]

Roving Periscope: On the Khalistani issue, India and Canada expel each others’ diplomats

Virendra Pandit    New Delhi: The so-called pro-Khalistani separatists may have lost support in India but they have successfully blackmailed the minority government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau they support in faraway Canada to expel a top Indian diplomat and, in return, get back a top Canadian diplomat whom New Delhi expelled on Tuesday. India […]