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Technology: PM Modi launches 5-G services; countrywide rollout by March ’24

Virendra Pandit   New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said the rollout of 5-G communication services in India will make sure the country played an active role in the development and implementation of technology, rather than remaining an end-user. With this launch, India has become only the fifth nation—after Finland, Sweden, South Korea, […]

Roving Periscope: Fresh US sanctions on Russia as Ukraine war may widen

Virendra Pandit   New Delhi:  Within hours of a defiant President Vladimir Putin annexing four occupied provinces of war-ravaged Ukraine, comprising 15 percent of its eastern territory, on Friday, the US announced fresh sanctions against Russia as the world inched closer to a likely widening of the war to Europe on Saturday. The US Treasury […]

Economy: RBI cuts GDP forecast to 7% in FY23 as markets respond positively

Virendra Pandit   New Delhi: Amid dire predictions of a global recession starting in December 2022, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Friday hiked the repo rate by 50 basis points (bps) to 5.9 percent and cut the GDP forecast to 7 percent but the markets responded positively, showing investors’ confidence in the post-pandemic […]

‘Wear undergarments’, Pakistan International Airlines orders cabin crew!

Virendra Pandit   New Delhi: A nearly bankrupt Pakistan regularly springs surprises with bizarre happenings that hit headlines worldwide. But this one might be the strangest. Pakistan’s official national career, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), as bankrupt as the country, has directed aircraft cabin crew to ‘wear undergarments,’ the media reported on Friday. It is unclear […]

Within 3 weeks, the UK’s new PM Liz Truss loses sheen as Tories want her challenger Rishi Sunak back!

Virendra Pandit   New Delhi: “Come back Rishi Sunak, all is forgiven”, reads an editorial in The Daily Telegraph on Tuesday. Will he have the last laugh? Within 20 days, the new British Prime Minister Liz Truss has lost her sheen as the country still grieving the loss of the former Queen, Elizabeth II, is […]

As thousands flee Russia, Putin readies to annex Ukraine’s 15% territory on Friday

Virendra Pandit   New Delhi: After over 20,000 able-bodied men fled Russia over the last few days to skip their compulsory conscription in the Ukraine war, officially known as the ‘partial mobilization of 300,000 reservists’, President Vladimir Putin will begin on Friday a controversial process of formally annexing nearly 15 percent territory it has wrested […]

Roving Periscope: The UNSC must reform now, says Dr. Jaishankar

Virendra Pandit New Delhi: India’s External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar said on Wednesday that the need to reform the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) could not be denied forever. But he also noted that India never believed this will be an easy process. At present, the UNSC has five permanent members—The US, the UK, France, […]

Free rations: Govt extends the PMGKAY scheme until December 2022

New Delhi: The Centre on Wednesday extended by three months its scheme to provide free rations to the poor at a cost of Rs 44,762 crore as it looked to ease pain from inflation, ahead of the upcoming Gujarat elections by December 2022. The central scheme to provide 5 kg of wheat or rice free […]

Energy: High crude prices ‘breaking our back’, says Dr. Jaishankar

Virendra Pandit   New Delhi: Amid India hinting that the G-7 proposal for a price cap on Russian oil may not be acceptable to it, External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar said higher crude prices are ‘breaking our back’. According to the media reports, India may not support the G-7 initiative to cap the price of […]

Roving Periscope: China challenges national sovereignty, sets up “illegal” police stations worldwide

Virendra Pandit   New Delhi: A day after President Xi Jinping resurfaced in Beijing after an 11-day ‘quarantine’ attempting to scotch widespread rumors of his overthrow, a disturbing report took the world by storm on Wednesday: China, the wannabe superpower, has set up illegal police stations across the planet to challenge national sovereignty of several […]