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ROVING PERISCOPE: How COVID-19 has shattered Chinese dreams!

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  • Britain invites 3 million Hong Kong residents to migrate.
  • This may unravel China faster than ever before.
  • Xi Jinping may become last nail in the coffin of Communism!

New Delhi: With the United Kingdom inviting 3 million Hong Kong residents to migrate there, the West’s strategy to squeeze the Dragon into a mouse has begun to unfold.

The dream turned Nightmare: (From right) Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin, Mao Zedong, and Xi Jinping

With nearly two dozen nations pitted against it, Beijing is being encircled by the world in a slow but sure motion.

The Great Britain’s offer came in response to a sweeping new security law that China unveiled to tame and absorb the former British territory this week.

Hong Kong was under the UK jurisdiction from the mid-19th century until it was handed over to China in 1997 with a guarantee that Beijing would preserve the city state’s judicial and legislative autonomy for 50 years, that is until 2047.

In 1997, China had agreed that it would follow a “One Nation, Two Systems” policy and keep Hong Kong away from the mainland, laws, rules and regulations.

But an impatient Beijing began to flex muscles two years ago. It did not want to wait until 2047.

Xi Jinping, who became China’s President in 2013, got his term extended ‘for life’ in 2018. Thereafter, he began to tighten screws on Hong Kong, apparently believing to unite and expand China like never before, something his other predecessors, including Mao Zedong, could not do.

This was probably the genesis of a new law, passed on June 30, 2020, to gradually absorb Hong Kong with the mainland China.

Using financial muscles, China would then extend this tactic to Taiwan and other countries to revive the “Middle Kingdom” of the Han Dynasty (202 BC-212 AD)’s dream, preparatory to China emerging at the centre of the Universe as a “Celestial Empire”, around which all other countries, planets, stars and galaxies would revolve!

In other words, Xi Jinping will not only be the new Han Emperor but also head China’s “Celestial Empire”, as a Living God! His over USD 200 billion Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) was the backbone of this plan.

Xi Jinping, Emperor of the Universe…!

A minor hiccup, however, turned his carefully assembled applecart: COVID-19!

…And his heavy Crown!

The global pandemic virtually dynamited this gargantuan dream, not seen so far by any human being over the last 75,000 years, not even by Changez Khan.

The world is, therefore, crashing down on China. Xi Jinping may become the last nail in the coffin of Communism.

For the West, Hong Kong is the straw it can suck China out of. Most of its residents, although Chinese in origin, are European in habits. They do not want to lose Hong Kong’s status as the world’s fifth largest stock market, the many freedoms they enjoy, unlike other Chinese in the mainland, and follow their own sets of laws.

That’s why they have opposed all Chinese attempts to assimilate Hong Kong.

So, when London offered Hong Kong natives to migrate, China became furious. On Thursday, Beijing warned Britain that it could retaliate with “corresponding measures” for London’s decision to extend a broader path to citizenship for the residents of Hong Kong.

Irritated, the Chinese embassy in London asserted that “all Chinese compatriots residing in Hong Kong are Chinese nationals”.

The UK plans to invite nearly 3 million Hong Kong residents who either have a British National Overseas (BNO) passport or are eligible to apply for one.

“If the British side makes unilateral changes to the relevant practice, it will breach its own position and pledges as well as international law and basic norms governing international relations,” China said in a statement, while overlooking its own international commitments about other countries like India.

“We firmly oppose this and reserve the right to take corresponding measures,” it said without spelling out what these could be.

But China is unlikely to get any respite in Hong Kong. It will suppress the natives, only forcing them to exit the city state—with the West offering help willingly. This freedom virus would also spread to mainland China, already battling against anti-Xi forces within the Communist Party of China.

Ironically, only in January, the UK had sought closer relations with China after ending its decades-long membership in the European Union. London also annoyed Washington by allowing the private Chinese telecoms group Huawei to unroll Britain’s speedy new data network.

This is history. Coronavirus has overturned all this.

Now, Britain is planning to kick out Huawei completely and build up an alliance of European and Asian providers to minimize China’s dominance in the field.

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