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Money laundering case: Robert Vadra appears before ED for third time

Money laundering case: Robert Vadra appears before ED for third time


On Saturday morning, Robert Vadra, Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s brother-in-law appeared before the Enforcement Directorate (ED) for the third time in connection with the allegations over money laundering in purchase of assets.

Around 10:45am, Vadra arrived at the ED’s office at Jamnagar House in Central Delhi in his private vehicle. According to officials, the investigating officer (IO) required to clarify questions from Vadra in connection with the money laundering case and hence asked to depose for the third time. The first and second session had conducted on 6th February AND 7th February.

Vadra’s wife Priyanka Gandhi, who was recently appointed as a general secretary of eastern Uttar Pradesh, accompanied him to the ED’s officer earlier this week. It has raised several questions over Priyanka Gandhi, that Vadra is a liability for Priyanka.

In both the meeting with ED, Vadra was grilled for about five and a half hours and 9 hours respectively.

 Last time Vadra was “confronted with” documents which the agency had seized in connection with the case including those who linked to absconding defence dealer Sanjay Bhandari.

Official sources said that, Vadra has shared documents with the investigating officer and also assured to provide the remaining as and when he gets them.

The allegations on Vadra for money laundering case in the purchase of a London-based property located at 12, Bryanston Square worth 1.9 million GBP (British pounds), which is allegedly owned by him.

The agency has informed to Delhi court that it has received information about various new properties in London which is owned by Vadra. These include 2 houses, one worth 5 million GBP and the other valued at 4 million GBP, 6 more flats and some properties.      

Vadra denied the allegations over possessing illegal foreign assets and labeled them a political witch against him. He said he was being “hounded and harassed” to sub serve political ends.

Accrding to the sources, Vadra’s statement is being recorded under Section 50 (powers of authorities regarding summons, production of documents and to give evidence) of the prevention of Money Laundering Act.

Vadra is allegedly involved in another money laundering case in connection to a land scam in Bikaner. He is expected to depose before the ED on 12 February in Jaipur. The Rajasthan High court has directed him to cooperate with the agency in the case.


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