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With whom should India actually fight? Is India’s enemy a nation?

With whom should India actually fight? Is India’s enemy a nation?

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Do you think that India being the only secular country and 3rd largest economy of the world has helped it defeat something that is not even defined? As the nation mourns after Pulwama Attack, it is the need of hour to address the situation with identification of our real enemies. If you think that our real enemy is Pakistan, you probably need to retrospect and dig better into the identification of the disease while we have identified the symptoms at a very surface level. 

Do you think that Pakistan is intruding in India by merely crossing the physical boundaries of our nation? Pakistan is not a nation with boundaries, it is an ideology that is heading ahead rapidly to destroy the idealist culture of India. Yes, the idealistic culture represents the HINDU culture. We should accept that secularism cannot prevail anymore in the only secular nation of the world. The Islamic culture has penetrated India. It is necessary to understand our identity and be able to cherish it, take a stand for it and fight for it openly. It should be understood that Pakistan’s reach is not physical, it’s ideological. We are also under a state of war with the ideology of Arab lands. Their call for war against us is not against India, it is against an ideology termed as ghazwa – e – hind.

There is a need to get this awareness that we are not able to talk about our true identity aloud. The real fight begins there. The only secular country, India, has to fight the enemy that is being protected and nurtured under the name of Secularism. Why can’t a country built with  80% of majority religion proudly call itself as Hindustan. Why is this only majority of India expected to become secular? Is that giving a benefit of doubt while we address our enemies?

The war has to be fought simultaneously at multiple fronts, our legal system, International legal system, Indian media that needs to address the relevant issues and bring a wave of awareness, Our Parliament, social media, UN. Note the fact, India has failed to handle secularism and globalization, no country is nurturing secularism except India. It is dead and failed mindset. There is a need of hour to identify it and accept it.

“Without identity, there cannot be any strategy, definition of the enemy, strategic objectives and goals. If India as a country has to succeed then, it must first define its enemy and then must be prepared to take decisive military action against its enemies both inside and outside.” – PGurus.

India ashamed to call itself a Hindu nation while 80% of its population is of Hindus. In Mahabharat, Narada advises Yudhishthir to constantly wage war against enemies as statecraft. Even Chanakya advised Chandragupta Maurya to constantly defeat Yavan forces. Indian history is filled with examples where Indians have initiated decisive wars. Decisive Military Action has to be part of regular state strategy against all enemies of the state.

Attaining peace comes after one is fully aware of one’s real identity and can proudly fight for it, if this is not possible, India may have achieved independence but it is still under enslavement or is being over ruled by foreign ideologies that is prevailing within the national culture to call it secularism.


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