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Web-Seminar on Enthusiastic ‘SHE’- Celebrating the Power of SHEROES

Web-Seminar on Enthusiastic ‘SHE’- Celebrating the Power of SHEROES

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– Prachi Vyas

Mumbai: In the present day women are breaking barriers and taking sole and mere leadership roles in areas of finance, science, technology and others earlier considered out of boundaries for them. However, much needs to be done to make the same space for them.

“A woman’s journey to empowerment begins from within and the first step towards initiating change is to begin with oneself”.

As one of the apex trade associations of India, with a legacy of 102 years, ASSOCHAM recognizes the potential of women leaders in unleashing country’s growth and overall development.   This International Women’s day, we will salute the power-packed efforts of those who have broken the barriers and emerged as potential leaders.

The welcoming speech was given by Jaxay Shah, the chairman of ASSCHOM Western Region. Shah warmly welcomed the entire enthusiastic ‘SHE’ and the attendees to celebrate the power of ‘SHEROES’. Vipul Gajingwar, Regional Head of Western Region was also present.

The session of having a dialogue with the great personalities and knowing their beautiful journey was moderated by Tripti Somani, founder of Womennovator and CEO of KGS Advisors. The panellists were the personalities like Sarita Dalal, Dr. Mona Desai, Merin Joseph IPS officer, Laxmi Majji, Dhananjay Chauhan, Seema Samridhi, Sarika Mehta, Srushti Deshmukh, Sheetal Shah, Pragya Prasun Singh, Hardi Oza Patel and Trapti katiyar. Each one from a very distinguished field and having unique success stories of their own to share on this day.

Giving a very suitable take away from her experience in Media and Journalism, Sarita Dalal said, “In the name of feminism we should fight for equality and empowerment but not with men in particular”. On the similar lines IPS Officer (SP Kerala) Merin Joseph, while explaining her journey of becoming The Officer said, “Opting for Civil Services was not a convictional choice for girls back then. And over to that becoming an IPS officer was definitely not”. But one can get success when they learn to embrace the opportunity. Every day is a new learning. Her takeaway was that women should work as a professional and not as a ‘women’ doing her job.

On asking about her journey as a transgender, Dhananjay Chauhan said a very precious thing that, “Rest all are biological women and we are psychological women. Different is not wrong, different is unique”.

While Laxmi Bhawani found an element of management in every subject which is the most important thing in life to learn.

“Women sitting on a bike is in itself a bold statement”, says Sarika Mehta, founder of biking Queens charitable Trust.

Every woman had a different story to share. It was indeed an inspiring session, says Tripti Somani while concluding the session. Mr. Vipul gave a note of thanks to all the enthusiasts ‘SHE’ and praised them for their efforts in their respective fields.


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