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Media notes, bundle of votes – Interim Budget!

Media notes, bundle of votes – Interim Budget!

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The Interim Budget breaking has wooed Indian voters as ample of funds in the budget are explicitly driven towards middle class mass, unorganized workers and farmers from both urban and rural regions of the nation. Government has promised 6000 rupees direct transfer annually for all small and marginal farmers and promised a 3000 rupees per month pension for workers of unorganized sector. It also has cut the tax liability to nil up to 5,00,000 lakh of annual income.  

Soon after the budget speech, PM Narendra Modi passed a statement that sounded more like a direct vote appeal, “This is an interim budget and this is just a trailer of the budget which after elections will take India on the path to development.”

Marking the Interim Budget’s better initiatives, the headlines of media are punchy enough to showcase how the budget has sounded like a voting pitch for upcoming elections.

Mother of Election- Modi’s Interim Budget
BJP has kept an eye on the Vote Count
Interim Budget – The Final Vote appeal to India
Interim Budget targeting the lead voters or direct beneficiaries
Interim Budget – A ceremony of daylight bribery.


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