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India in My Veins: Another title of PM Modi’s new biopic

India in My Veins: Another title of PM Modi’s new biopic


Mumbai: A very famous director and producer in Bollywood – Subhash Malik going to produce another biopic of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The new name of PM Modi’s biopic is ‘India in My Veins’
Producer Subhash Malik announced that “The shooting of the biopic on Prime Minister will start from March 29 in Ayodhya and it will be ready for the release within six months,”

Further, Malik added that “After a lot of research work, the script of the biopic is ready. The film on him is an attempt to thank PM Modi for the work he has done for the country.”

The producer selected Capt Raj Mathur to play the lead role of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other actors who had performed in the great serial Mahabharat and Ramayan. Bollywood actors Raza Murad, Surendra Pal, Bindu Dara Singh, Asrani, Shahbaz Khan will be part of the star cast of the new biopic on Narendra Modi.

More information provided by the producer says that a major part of film shooting will be done in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and Haryana. “The biopic will focus on the journey and achievements of Narendra Modi since he became the Prime Minister in 2014,” Producer to media.

Earlier, Sandeep Singh had produced Vivek Oberoi starrer ‘PM Narendra Modi’. Directed by Omung Kumar, the biopic was first released in May 2019 and re-released in October 2020 post-Covid-19 lockdown. But the film did not fare well at the box office due to Lok Sabha poll restrictions and the Covid-19 pandemic.




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