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Dharavikars to get highest carpet area than any SRA project in Mumbai

Dharavikars to get highest carpet area than any SRA project in Mumbai


Mumbai : Dharavi Redevelopment Project Pvt Ltd (DRPPL), a joint venture between the Adani Group and the Government of Maharashtra, today announced that eligible residential tenements in Dharavi will get flats with independent kitchens and toilets measuring a minimum 350 square feet (sq ft), which is a whopping 17% more and
the highest among slum redevelopment projects in Mumbai.

Earlier, dwellers of informal settlements in Maharashtra were given houses measuring 269 sq ft. Since 2018, the state government started giving them homes measuring between 315 sq ft and 322 sq ft, in line with the minimum area mandated under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana for houses for the urban poor.

“The new flats will be dream homes for all Dharavikars and will upgrade their living conditions. Every home will reflect the spirit of a Dharavikar, whose aspirations have always mirrored those of a common Mumbaikar. We, at DRPPL, are committed to fulfilling these dreams and aspirations while keeping the very soul of Dharavi intact,” said a DRPPL spokesperson.

Eligible residential tenements are those that were in existence before 1 January, 2000. Each flat will have a separate kitchen and an in-built independent toilet, and will be welllit, ventilated, and hygienic, besides being secure.

It is DRPPL’s endeavour to transform Dharavi into a globally connected city with commercial and industrial premises, keeping its vibrant and unique entrepreneurial culture intact. Upgrading the lives of Dharavikars, economic opportunities, futuristic education and vocational training, advanced healthcare facilities and a quality lifestyle: all this will be enabled at Dharavi and Navi Dharavi. They will also have community halls, recreational areas, public gardens, dispensaries and daycare centres for children.

Ineligible residential tenements in Dharavi would be given accommodation under the proposed affordable rental housing policy, as per the Government of Maharashtra’s defined norms. For this, development similar to Dharavi would be undertaken in the several Navi Dharavis being planned, considering the large requirement of dwelling units.

DRPPL has taken up the challenge of transforming Dharavi and values support from all stakeholders for the much-awaited transformational project, which will set new benchmarks in slum rehabilitation and urban rejuvenation for the rest of the world to follow. All the above will be benchmarked with best practices being followed in Singapore and other advanced nations for similar habitats.


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