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Covid-19: Germany extends lockdown till March seven

Covid-19: Germany extends lockdown till March seven

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New Delhi: The Federal Government of Germany and the top leaders of Germany’s 16 states have agreed on Wednesday to extend the lockdown till March 7. The current nationwide lockdown in Germany begun in November last year and it toughened before the celebration of Christmas.

On the extension of lockdown – Angela Merkel Chancellor said that “we want to do everything in our power so that we don’t end up riding an up-and-down wave of openings and closures.”

The new strains are spreading especially quickly and require significant additional efforts, the German government said in conclusions agreed at the meeting.

The way coronavirus spreads in Germany – Saxony State Premier Michael Kretschmer on Wednesday said that “the relaxation of restrictions would be discussed when the seven-day case index drops below 35 cases per 100,000. We will talk about that in March. Everyone should remain cautious: We don’t want to be careless.”

Chancellor Angela Merkel and the state leaders would meet again on March 3 to assess the situation of coronavirus in Germany.

The National Disease Control Centre of Germany last week said that “the more contagious variant of the virus first observed in Britain has now been seen in most of Germany’s 16 states. Another variant from South Africa has also been reported several times in Germany.

“Considering the virus mutations, the steps to lift the restrictions must come carefully and gradually in order to avoid risking the successful curbing of infections,” The National Disease Control Centre of Germany said on its official draft.

Germany is the sixth most coronavirus affected country in the Europe region after Russia, the UK, France, Spain and Italy. s

Germany government reports 2.3 million coronavirus cases so far and claim more than 63 thousand deaths.


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