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Three more nations receives COVID-19 vaccines from India

Three more nations receives COVID-19 vaccines from India

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New Delhi: Under the Vaccine Maitri initiative of the Government of India – Jamaica, Tajikistan and Belize on March 9 – received the coronavirus vaccines from India.

The New Delhi government has already provided coronavirus vaccines to more than 25 countries so far and more countries may receive the coronavirus vaccine from India very soon.

African countries – Mozambique and Nicaragua had received the ‘Made in India’ Covid-19 Vaccines yesterday. The Government of India may provide the coronavirus vaccine to more than 40 countries in future.

India’s steps to help other nations in the coronavirus pandemic are already praised by the many health leaders and international political leaders.

“From mid of January to mid of February – the government of India has exported more than 1.6 crore doses to around 20 countries. Around 62.7 lakh doses or 37 per cent of the exports to friendly countries were gifts. India exported coronavirus vaccines to countries in the neighbourhood to Africa and Americas,” according to a media report.

Union Ministry of Health data shows that India will earn revenue from shipments of around 63 per cent sent to countries like UAE, South Africa, Brazil, Egypt, Morocco, Bangladesh, Algeria and Kuwait. These countries together received more than 1 crore doses between January 25 and February 2.

Bangladesh purchased the most number of vaccines, around 50 lakh, followed by Brazil and Morocco with 20 lakh each. South Africa bought 10 lakh doses, while Kuwait and UAE bought 2 lakh each, followed by Egypt and Algeria with 50,000 each, as mentioned in a media report.

Bangladesh also received the most number of vaccines as gift from India with 20 lakh doses, followed by Myanmar with 15 lakh, Nepal with 10 lakh, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan with 5 lakh each, Bhutan with 1.5 lakh, Maldives, Mauritius, Bahrain, Oman and Barbados with 1 lakh each, Dominica with 70,000 and Seychelles with 50,000 doses.

The health ministry said that vaccines are being exported after a thorough review of requirements in India. It assured that India’s needs will not be affected.



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