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A vote for One Nation, One Election agenda

(Guru Prakash) Indian voters cannot be taken for granted as they have sustained our democracy. One Nation, One Election is an idea whose time seemingly has come. Political reforms require courage of conviction. The hallmark of the present government is unquestionably a spirit of reformation. Status quoism has marred and defined the Indian polity since […]

Rahul Gandhi’s conviction for defamation and disqualification from Parliament shows that no one is above the law

(Guru Prakash) One of the core principles of the Indian Constitution is rule of law, which means that everyone must be treated equally in the eyes of law. Contrary to this principle, there was a deep sense of feudal entitlement in the ruling establishment decades after we won independence and became a republic. Officially, authority […]

Rahul Gandhi made it clear, No one from Gandhi family should become next party President: CM Gehlot

New Delhi: Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot Friday spoke about Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s remark – that nobody from the Gandhi family would contest next month’s election for party chief. Rahul’s remark comes as the battle for the Congress presidential poll intensifies. “I have requested Rahul Gandhi multiple times to accept everyone’s proposal to become the […]