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SVPI Airport introduces Intelligent Cleaning Robots

SVPI Airport introduces Intelligent Cleaning Robots

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Ahmedabad, April 02, 2024: – Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport (SVPI) is soaring to new heights in passenger experience with the deployment of a fleet of intelligent cleaning robots – a first for the airport. These robots will ensure sparkling clean terminals, freeing up human staff for other tasks.

Gone are the days of tedious manual cleaning in high-traffic areas. These robots will tirelessly tackle grime in the Arrival Halls of both terminals and the forecourt, with options to add more areas when required. 

Tech-Powered Cleanliness

Four robots, strategically deployed across Terminals 1 and 2, boast impressive features:

  • Made in India: Supporting local innovation.
  • 360-Degree Coverage: No corner left untouched.
  • Advanced Sensors: Avoiding obstacles with ease.
  • Obstacle Detection & Rerouting: Adapting to a dynamic environment.

Efficiency on Wheels

These champions of cleanliness can cover a whopping 13,000 square feet per hour. They operate silently for 8 hours on a single charge (taking just 6 hours to recharge). They’re equipped for all cleaning tasks, scrubbing, drying, and mopping with aplomb. And for added convenience, they can be remotely controlled via smartphones or tablets with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

A Transformative Step Forward

SVPI Airport’s introduction in intelligent cleaning robots signifies a commitment to streamlined maintenance optimizing processes for a smoother flow, elevated upkeep standards ensuring a consistently pristine environment and operational efficiency freeing up staff time for higher-value tasks. 

This exciting adoption positions SVPI Airport as a leader in passenger experience and technological innovation within the Indian aviation industry.


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