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Safe Driving Saves Lives: Lending a helping hand to spread awareness about traffic rules

Safe Driving Saves Lives: Lending a helping hand to spread awareness about traffic rules


In our country, pedestrians, drivers, or passengers become victims of avoidable vehicle accidents every day. With proper care, attention to traffic safety rules and awareness among people, such incidents can be prevented from occurring. With that goal in mind, Adani RMRW (Road, Metro, Railway, Water) business observed Road Safety Month from January 11 to February 10, which was a resounding success.

Keeping in line with the RMRW motto, ‘No Fatality, No Injuries and No Excuses’, the month-long event held at all RMRW locations across India saw full cooperation and involvement of local road authorities, local administration, enforcement authorities and other stake holders.

During the month, topics of lane discipline, refraining from drunken or rash driving to avert any untoward incidents, accidents and preventing any fatality further were touched upon.

To create awareness and inculcate the safety culture among children, students and localites, a team visited schools, colleges, and villages near the toll plazas where they gave presentations on various safety practices. They all were apprised about the DO’s and DONTs on road safety.

Reflective radium stickers were distributed and placed on all the rear of vehicles to improve their visibility at night and to avoid road accidents resulting out of rear-end collisions. Helmet, seat belt, drunk driving enforcement checks were conducted in collaboration with local authorities at all project sites.

Free eye check-up camps were set up in collaboration with local hospitals at the locations exclusively for truck drivers. Along with that, blood donation camps were put up in association with local NGOs which also involved employees of Adani and its sub-contractors.

To keep things engaging, competitions were held for all employees and their families at the project sites including quiz on road safety and poster competition for kids.

The team at RMRW believes in working hard towards bringing down the number of road accidents by way of improving infrastructure strategies, spreading awareness and monitoring driver behaviours in order to reverse this fatal trend. RMRW as a developer/concessionaire of roads had taken this initiative with an objective of achieving a noble target of our Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) target of reducing road accident deaths to 50% by 2024.


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