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Modi Repeats Charge against Congress of “Conspiracy” to “Redistribute” Property to “Special People”

Modi Repeats Charge against Congress of “Conspiracy” to “Redistribute” Property to “Special People”

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Manas Dasgupta

NEW DELHI, Apr 23: Amidst reports that the Election Commission was examining the reported “hate speech” of the Prime Minister distorting the Congress manifesto, Mr Narendra Modi on Tuesday reiterated that he had put the “truth” before the country that the Congress was hatching a “deep conspiracy to snatch your property and distribute it to its special people.”

Addressing a public meeting in Tonk in Rajasthan, Mr Modi said his 90 seconds speech had created panic in the entire Congress and INDIA bloc. “When I came to Rajasthan the day before yesterday, I had presented some truths before the country in my 90-second speech. This has created panic in the entire Congress and INDI alliance. I had put the truth before the country that Congress is hatching a deep conspiracy to snatch your property and distribute it to its special people. I exposed their vote bank and appeasement politics. After all, why is Congress so afraid of the truth?” the Prime Minister said.

The ECI sources said the commission was examining Mr Modi’s speech at the Rajasthan rally on Sunday where he had said if elected to power at the Centre, the Opposition Congress would distribute people’s property, land and gold among Muslims. EC sources said the complaint regarding the Prime Minister’s speech has been received and was under the consideration of commission.

The Congress approached the poll body on Monday and formally lodged a complaint seeking action against Mr Modi. The Congress alleged that the Prime Minister invoked religion and religious symbols to create enmity between groups.

“The only available remedy compatible with the principle of zero tolerance towards allegations of corrupt practices, is the disqualification of the candidates who try to create a divide between different classes of the citizens of India regardless of the stature or position of that candidate,” the Congress memorandum said. CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury had also shot off a letter to the Election Commission demanding action against the PM for making “inflammatory” remarks.

At the Tonk rally, Mr Modi also raised some imaginary issues of what would have happened if in 2014 elections the Congress retained power instead of him forming the BJP government. “In 2014, you allowed Modi to serve in Delhi. Then the country made decisions that no one had even imagined. But think about what would have happened even after 2014 and even today if there was a Congress government in Delhi. Had Congress been there, stones would have been pelted at our forces in Jammu and Kashmir even today. Had Congress been there, the enemies would have come from across the border. Had Congress been there, neither One Rank One Pension would have been implemented for our soldiers nor would our ex-servicemen have received ₹ 1 lakh crore,” he said.

Further, sharpening his attacks, PM Modi said that the thinking of Congress has always been of appeasement and vote bank politics. “As soon as the Congress government was formed at the Centre in 2004, its first task was to reduce the reservation for SC/ST in Andhra Pradesh and give reservation to Muslims. This was a pilot project, which Congress wanted to try in the entire country. Between 2004 and 2010, Congress tried to implement Muslim reservations in Andhra Pradesh four times. But due to legal hurdles and the awareness of the Supreme Court, it could not fulfil its plans,” Mr Modi said.

“The Constitution is completely against it. The right of reservation which Baba Saheb gave to Dalits, backward classes and tribals, Congress and INDI Alliance wanted to give it to Muslims based on religion. Amidst these conspiracies of Congress, Modi is today guaranteeing you from an open platform that reservations for Dalits, backward classes and tribals will neither be ended nor will be allowed to be divided in the name of religion. This is Modi’s guarantee,” he added.



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