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Modi Refutes Opposition Allegation of Lack of Level Playing Field

Modi Refutes Opposition Allegation of Lack of Level Playing Field

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NEW DELHI, Apr 15: The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has demolished the opposition allegation that the ruling party was not allowing “level playing field” in the elections pointing out that none of the laws guiding the functioning of the Central agencies were framed by his government and that only three per cent of the cases filed by the Enforcement Directorate were against the political leaders.

In an interview with a media house on Monday, Mr Modi said contrary to the opposition allegation his government had made every effort to include the Opposition in formation of institutions, even tweaking the law to include the leader of the Opposition in the panel choosing election commissioners.

“The Enforcement Directorate is doing a good job. 97 per cent cases are against those not involved in politics,” Mr Modi said. “Not a single law (ED, CBI filing cases) was brought by my government. On the contrary, Election Commission reforms were brought by my government,” PM Modi said regarding Opposition allegations of BJP influence over investigative agencies like the CBI, IT and the Enforcement Directorate.

“Those close to the ‘family’ were made Election Commissioners who later got Rajya Sabha seats and ministries…We (BJP) can’t play at that level,” Mr Modi added. The Opposition allegations despite all that only proves that they are preparing the ground to explain the coming failure, he added, citing the earlier complaints about Electronic Voting Machines.

In the interview, Mr Modi also fielded questions on multiple issues including “Modi ki guarantee”, One-Nation-One Election, his 100-day plan and the long-term plans for 2047, when Independent India turns 100. “I have big plans…kissi ko darne ki zaroorat nahin hai (no one needs to fear it). My decisions are not made to scare anyone or to diminish anyone. They are made for the overall development of the country,” PM Modi said when asked about his “Abhi toh trailer hai” comment on the 10 years of the NDA government.



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