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Football: Five most expensive football transfers in history

Football: Five most expensive football transfers in history


New Delhi, February 03: Ever since football became a professional sport, transfers of players in football teams have grown through buying and selling footballers, to build strong teams and make more money as well.

The first time a transfer happened in football was in 1893 when Willie Groves transferred from West Bromwich Albion to Aston Villa; this transfer occurred after eight years of professional football, started by the Football Association in 1885.

However, the evolution of this sport and a lot of money-making has made five football players hold the records for the most expensive transfers in football history.

They are:

(1) Neymar Jr. do Santos: When he transferred from Spanish Club FC Barcelona to French Club Paris Saint Germain, the latter paid 222 million euros to Barcelona, making Neymar the most expensive football player in history.

(2) Kylian Mbappe: The French player became the second most expensive footballer in history. Only 17 in 2017, he joined Paris Saint Germain from Monaco, for which the former paid 180 million euros as a transfer fee.

(3) Philippe Coutinho; The Brazilian footballer who plays as midfielder, became one of the most expensive footballers in history in January 2018, when he joined FC Barcelona from Liverpool FC. In this transfer, FC Barcelona paid 145 million euros to Liverpool FC.

(4) Joao Felix; The Portuguese footballer quit Benifica and joined Atletico Madrid which paid 126 million euros to Benifica as the transfer cost.

(5) Enzo Fernandez: The Argentine young footballer became one of the most expensive footballers in history when he left Benfica to join Chelsea FC. In this transfer, Chelsea FC paid 121 million euros to the rival.

Besides these, some other footballers are worth more than 100 million euros. They include Antoine Griezman, Jack Grealish, Declan Rice, Moises Caicedo, and Paul Pogba.


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