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Facebook may launch its own Smartwatch next year: Report

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New Delhi: A social media giant company Facebook plans to enter a world of technology in which Facebook may enter with its first smart-watch which could be launched by next year.

Smart watches designed by Facebook may provide messenger service and other health related applications to users.

According to a media report – Facebook is working on building a smartphone line where users will be able to send messages with Facebook services like Messenger and WhatsApp. It will work with a cellular connection without a connected smartphone.

Apart from this, the social media giant is also working on making its own operating system for hardware devices, possibly for the OS to power possible future devices from the company.

The launch however may not be too soon as the expected period, for now, is 2022 followed by a second-generation upgrade in 2023.

Additionally, Facebook is also said to be working on branded Ray-Ban smart glasses that are planned to be launched later this year and also on a separate augmented reality research initiative known as Project Aria, in a move to explore the Augmented reality space.



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