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Coronavirus: The UK detects now Brazilian variant

Coronavirus: The UK detects now Brazilian variant

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New Delhi: The Health officials of Britain have detected six cases of highly contagious disease which was first traced in Manaus, Brazil.

On the Brazilian variant of coronavirus – scientists said that “the variant is more transmissible and may be more resistant to existing vaccines than the original virus, and may be able to infect people who have previously had Covid-19.”

The United Kingdom has already suspended the direct flights service from Brazil to the UK but the authority of the UK said that “newly identified cases have been linked to people who came to the UK from Brazil through other European cities in early February.”

The arrivals came days before the UK imposed 10-day hotel quarantine on people arriving from high-risk countries, including Brazil. Three of the cases of the variant are in Scotland and two in southwest England.

Public Health England said it was working to find the person and was conducting local mass testing to see whether the variant had spread in the community.

Many countries in the world are – still looking for the lockdown to stop the spread of coronavirus in the country.

Hospital ICUs are reaching their limits across Brazil, as health experts and state officials beg the government to impose stricter lockdown measures to reduce coronavirus transmission.



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