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Congress Fund Raising Hits a Roadblock

Congress Fund Raising Hits a Roadblock


NEW DELHI, Dec 18: Within hours of launching the ‘Donate for Desh’ crowd-funding campaign by the Congress on Monday, the move hit a roadblock. Apparently the party did not register the domain name before announcing the initiative and ironically, clicking DonateforDesh.org takes the visitor to the donation page of the BJP.

Moreover, another related domain in the name of the Donate for Desh campaign has been acquired by news website OpIndia.

The Congress, meanwhile, has accused the BJP of “copying” it and “creating fake domains to confuse people”. The domain name of the party’s campaign is donateinc.net. Supriya Shrinate, a Congress leader and the party’s social media and digital platforms chairperson, said the BJP “is in panic mode” after the grand old party started its donation campaign.

“Why is BJP so afraid despite having autocratic power, all institutions, all resources and maximum money? When Congress started the donation campaign, not only did they (BJP) panic but their system also started creating fake domains and confusing them. By the way, thanks for copying us – it’s good to see your fear,” she posted on X in Hindi.

Congress chief Mallikarjun Kharge launched the crowd-funding campaign earlier in the day and donated a sum of ₹ one lakh, 38 thousand. The campaign, the Congress said, aims at “empowering the party to create an India rich in equal resource distribution and opportunities.” Mr Kharge cited the example of Mahatma Gandhi who also “took donations from the public during the freedom struggle”.

The payment link on the website prompts donors to make contributions of ₹ 138 or ₹ 1,380 or ₹ 13,800 to mark 138 years of the Congress party. In a post on X, the Congress said, “Beyond a campaign, it’s a commitment to champion the rights of marginalised communities, bridge disparities, and stand as a formidable opposition against a government favouring the affluent.”

Congress General Secretary (Organisation) KC Venugopal had told the media on Sunday that the campaign would primarily be online until December 28 – the party’s foundation day – after which it would start a ground campaign, including door-to-door visits by volunteers, targeting at least 10 houses in every booth for contributions of at least ₹ 138 from each.

Mr Venugopal said state-level office bearers, elected representatives, District Congress Committee presidents, PCC chiefs and AICC officials will be encouraged to contribute at least ₹ 1,380 each. “For the campaign’s effectiveness, all PCC presidents will identify potential donors among the party’s well-wishers and functionaries, aiming for contributions of ₹ 1,380 or ₹ 13,800. This strategic approach will ensure the success of our vision for a better India,” he said.

(Manas Dasgupta)



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