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Salmonella outbreak: US asks people to avoid onions

Salmonella outbreak: US asks people to avoid onions


New Delhi: Following an outbreak of Salmonella, the United States Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Friday warned American citizens to avoid consuming unlabeled red, yellow and white onions and directed them to destroy their stock at home immediately.

This decision came after nearly 650 Americans fell sick in 37 states because of a Salmonella outbreak, with 129 hospitalized. There are no reports of fatalities yet.

It is a contagious disease caused by Salmonella type of bacteria that causes gastronomic illnesses. The Salmonella strains in the body can lead to damages like infections in the urinary tracts, blood, bones, joints, or nervous system.

The early Salmonella symptoms include diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps that go from 6 hours to 6 days after the contaminated food infection spreads in the body.

“We traced the outbreak to the onions imported from Chihuahua, Mexico, and distributed across the United States by Pro Source Inc. We urge people to throw unpackaged and Pro Source-sold onions and to never use onions without stickers or packaging,” said a health official.

The CDC said, “About 75 percent of people reported sick after they ate or possibly ate raw onions or dishes, likely containing raw onions. Also, many sick people reported eating at the same restaurant.”

The CDC advised people to avoid buying imported onions from Chihuahua and to throw away all onion stocks. “Onions can be touched using hot soapy water or a dishwasher to wash all surfaces and containers,” said an official statement.

Meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), CDC, and local authorities have launched a thorough investigation into the outbreak.

(Avya Mathur)



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