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Afghanistan: With Baradar’s return, Kabul may witness Taliban’s factional war

Virendra Pandit   New Delhi: Afghanistan’s Deputy Prime Minister Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, who crafted the Taliban deal for the withdrawal of US-led forces, returned to Kabul on Wednesday, with the Afghan Pashtun fighters replacing his personal security and rejecting the one provided by the rival Haqqani Network component of the Islamist militia. This has […]

Afghanistan: Amid rumours of top leaders’ fate, Taliban appoint deputy ministers

Virendra Pandit   New Delhi: While the Afghans, and the world, speculated about the death of two of top Taliban leaders—supreme spiritual leader and head of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Hibatullah Akhundzada and Deputy Prime Minister Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar—the Islamist militia on Tuesday announced a list of “deputy ministers” in Kabul. On September […]

Terror: Modi calls for SCO template to deal with extremism, radicalization

Virendra Pandit   New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who turned 71 on Friday, has called for developing a joint template by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) to effectively deal with the mounting challenges of extremism and radicalization. Virtually addressing the 21st annual SCO Council of Heads of States Summit held at Dushanbe, Tajikistan, he […]

Afghanistan: A volcano even fire-spitting Dragon dare not step into

Virendra Pandit   New Delhi: After a two-decade-long hiatus, the Taliban’s returning to absolute power in Kabul on Sunday has once again turned Afghanistan into a cauldron no ‘superpower’ is ready to step into this “graveyard of empires”. Not even the wannabe ‘superpower’ People’s Republic of China (PRC). With America abandoning Kabul quickly, and President […]

Roving Periscope: Why China dreads a resurgent Taliban retaking Kabul’s control?

Virendra Pandit   New Delhi: With the US-led multinational troops from 36 nations withdrawing all their soldiers by September 2021 from war-ravaged Afghanistan after 20 years, China is worried that the newly-resurgent Taliban could spur Islamic militancy in neighbouring Muslim-dominated Eastern Turkestan (which China calls “Xinjiang”, meaning New Territory). The US insistence to return from […]