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Rape Accused Granted Bail to Marry Survivor Girl

Rape Accused Granted Bail to Marry Survivor Girl

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NEW DELHI, June 18: The Karnataka High Court has granted a 23-year-old man charged with the rape of a girl when she was 16 years and nine months of age, 15-day bail to marry her.

The families of both parties are in favour of the marriage, especially since the girl, who recently turned 18, has given birth to a child. DNA tests have confirmed that the man charged with the rape is the child’s biological father.

The court has ordered the petitioner, who must return to custody on the evening of July 3, to provide a marriage certificate at the next hearing on July 4. The court said its decision aims to protect the interests of the child and support the young mother.

Justice M Nagaprasanna issued the interim order in response to a petition from the accused, seeking to dismiss the charges as both families wish to proceed with the wedding. The accused, who hails from Mysuru district, was arrested in February 2023 following allegations by the girl’s mother that he repeatedly sexually assaulted her daughter, who was then 16 years and nine months old.

He faces charges under Section 376(2)(n) of the IPC and Sections 5(L), 5(j)(ii), and 6 of the POCSO Act, 2012. In light of the circumstances, Justice Nagaprasanna noted the necessity of the marriage to support the young mother and child, given their vulnerable situation.
(Manas Dasgupta)



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