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Sudha Murthy highlights Women’s Health and Tourism to Rajya Sabha in her Debut

Sudha Murthy highlights Women’s Health and Tourism to Rajya Sabha in her Debut

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Prachi Vyas

Sudha Murthy, the renowned author, philanthropist, and chairperson of the Infosys Foundation, recently delivered her inaugural speech in the Rajya Sabha, igniting a wave of admiration and inspiration nationwide. With her usual humility and wisdom, she addressed two key points in her speech- vaccination for cervical cancer for women and acknowledging India’s cultural heritage.

She passionately advocated for the widespread adoption of cervical cancer vaccination for teenage girls from age between 9-16 years. Commending the success of the COVID vaccination drive a couple of years back she said, that with government intervention these vaccines could be made more accessible and affordable targeting to save lives and alleviate the healthcare burden.

In addition to addressing health issues, Murthy also spoke about the untapped potential of tourism in India. She praised the country’s rich cultural heritage and natural beauty, stressing the importance of sustainable tourism practices. Murthy highlighted 57 unique locations in India that she believes should be acknowledged as World Heritage sites. Naming a few as the Bahubali statue at Shravanabelagola in Karnataka, sculptures at Unakoti in Tripura, Island near River Brahmaputra, Lothal in Gujarat and Maharaj Shivaji Fort in Maharashtra. She elaborated on the potential benefits of increasing tourism by providing better facilities like toilets and roads to these sites, noting that it would not only lift the economy but also help preserve these monuments.

Murthy concluded her speech by sharing a shloka from her grandfather, underscoring the significance of dedication and unity in the service of the country.

Sudha Murthy’s entry into the Rajya Sabha and her stirring maiden speech has set the tone for a new era of impactful leadership. Her steadfast dedication to social causes, coupled with her pragmatic approach, holds the promise of a brighter and more inclusive future for India.

The nation eagerly looks forward to the positive changes that her tenure will undoubtedly bring. She is one of the 12 members nominated by the President of India to the Upper House for their contributions to arts, literature, sciences and social services.


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