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Hit and Run ‘Accident’ Turns into Murder for Rs 300 Crores Property

Hit and Run ‘Accident’ Turns into Murder for Rs 300 Crores Property

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NEW DELHI, June 12: The investigations into an 82-year-old man’s death seemingly in a hit-and-run incident in Nagpur has uncovered a grisly murder conspiracy allegedly hatched by his daughter-in-law for family property worth ₹ 300 crore.

The police said Archana Manish Puttewar, assistant director in the town planning department, was arrested over a fortnight after her father-in-law Purushottam Puttewar was run over by a car.

According to police, Ms Puttewar hired people for the hit and spent about ₹ 1 crore. “She gave funds to the accused to purchase a used car to knock down her father-in-law. This was done to make the murder look like an accident. It is apparently to gain control of his property of ₹ 300 crore,” the officer said.

The officer added that the 53-year-old woman allegedly plotted the murder with her husband’s driver Bagde and two other accused, Neeraj Nimje and Sachin Dharmik. Police have charged them with murder and other sections under the IPC and Motor Vehicles Act. Two cars, gold jewellery and mobile phones have been seized.

The police’s investigation has found that on the day of the incident, Purushottam Puttewar had gone to the hospital to meet his wife Shakuntala, who was recovering after a surgery. On his way back, the hired car ran him over. His son and Archana’s husband Manish is a doctor.

While investigating into the murder case, the police have also found gross irregularities in Ms Puttewar’s work in the town planning department. There were multiple complaints, but no action was taken owing to her political connections, the probe has found. She is accused of violating norms and clearing illegal layouts. Her arrest and the serious charge of plotting a family member’s murder may also prompt a deeper investigation into alleged irregularities in her work.

(Manas Dasgupta)


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