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“India has Helped World to Discover True Potential of Democracy,” President Murmu

“India has Helped World to Discover True Potential of Democracy,” President Murmu


NEW DELHI, Aug 14: President Droupadi Murmu said on Sunday that India has helped the world discover the true potential of democracy and the keyword for the country today is compassion for the downtrodden, needy and those on the margins.

In her maiden address to the nation on the eve of the 76th Independence Day, Murmu said major economic reforms were being accompanied by innovative welfare initiatives and the world has seen “a new India rising in recent years, more so after the outbreak of COVID-19”.

The President said when India won independence, there were many international leaders and experts who were sceptical about the success of the democratic form of government in India due to poverty and illiteracy at that time.

“But we Indians proved the sceptics wrong. Democracy not only grew roots in this soil, it was enriched too,” she said as she asked citizens to pledge to give everything for the sake of the safety, security, progress and prosperity of the country.

The president pointed out that while in most other well-established democracies, women had to wage long-drawn struggles to get the right to vote, India adopted universal adult franchise right since the beginning of the Republic without any discrimination against women.

“By the year 2047, we will have fully realised the dreams of our freedom fighters. We will have given a concrete shape to the vision of those who, led by Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar, drafted the Constitution,” she said.

In her 17-minute address the president also complimented the policymakers for ensuring the growth of the country that has become more inclusive with reduced regional disparities. “Our response to the pandemic has been appreciated everywhere. We launched the biggest vaccination drive in human history with vaccines manufactured in the country itself.

“Last month we crossed the 200-crore mark in cumulative vaccine coverage,” said Murmu who took over the presidency last month. She said in combating the pandemic, India’s achievements have been better than those of many developed countries. “For this feat, we are grateful to our scientists, doctors, nurses, paramedics and the staff associated with vaccination,” she said.

She said when the world has been battling the economic consequences of the great crisis, India got its act together and is now moving forward. India is among the fastest growing major economies in the world.

She paid homage to those who lost their lives during the partition of 1947 and said “We bow and celebrate those who made enormous sacrifices to make it possible for us to live in free India.”

(Manas Dasgupta)



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