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Thomsen Germany introduces worlds’ most breathable material ‘Talalay latex

Thomsen Germany introduces worlds’ most breathable material ‘Talalay latex


Ahmedabad: Thomsen Germany a leading name in Mattress & Pillow industry launched its first franchise experience zone here in Gujarat.

This is the first time that the people of Ahmedabad shall experience the comfort with products which is made by the worlds’ most breathable material “Talalay latex”.  

They designed their segment to cater all the need of the consumer by providing mattresses for adults, pregnant women, baby mattresses and pillows and many more.

Talking about the products, Anil Gupta, Chairman of Thomsen Germany says, “Due to rapid increase in daily working hours, now a day’s people often face stiffness and backaches. Unlike any other mattress brands, Thomsen Mattresses and pillows are made of Talalay Latex i.e. the most breathable latex which makes the mattress dry and hygienic and is best suited for every skin & body type.”

Keeping in mind the need of the consumer the product is designed in a very friendly manner says, Yashwant Pratap Singh, Chief Business Architect Thomsen India. “All our products are made on demand as per customer requirement. Since every person requirement is different so we make sure that we achieve it by providing customize mattress as per shape, size and feel. We are also providing 100 days free trial. So if someone is not satisfied, then they can return the product, hassle-free, with a 100% money back guarantee.

Rahul Desai, Distributor Ahmedabad (Gujarat), “I am born and brought up in Ahmedabad so I have seen the market growing from the time when Narendra Modi was Chief minister of Gujarat to Prime minister of India. Gujarat people are very workaholic and business oriented. They love to spend money on their mind, body and Soul. And the lifestyle we are now living is full of long working hours, travelling, and stress and to maintain a good health we need a healthy, quality, hygienic & comfortable sleep. With Thomsen we are sure that we will achieve this because of its exclusivity over Talalay latex and the standard of Germany quality. And because of this reason only we got convinced with Thomsen and decided to open Franchise store in Ahmedabad.


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