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Pakistan herds Pashtoon tribals in PoK to infiltrate into J&K

Pakistan herds Pashtoon tribals in PoK to infiltrate into J&K

  • In 1947, Pakistani “Kabayalis” (tribals) tried to capture J&K.
  • This forced Maharaja Hari Singh to merge J&K into India.
  • Pakistan imports Pashtoons into PoK to repeat 1947.

New Delhi: Islamabad has smuggled hundreds of Pashtoon tribesmen in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) in an attempt to push them into Jammu and Kashmir and help local jihadists to create unrest, PoK-based human rights activist Amjad Mirza said on Wednesday.

The Kabayalis’ mayhem in J&K: A file photograph of how Pakistani soldiers, dressed up as “Kabayalis” (tribals), came as agents of destruction, forcing accession of the border state with India.

Expressing serious concern over this fresh development, he disclosed that these Pashtoon tribesmen have been brought into by Islamabad in PoK’s capital Muzaffarabad to create unrest in J&K in the aftermath of abrogation of Article 370.

The Pakistan Army would try to smuggle these Pashtoons into J&K to assist local jihadist in carrying out attacks in the Valley and fan insurgency, he said via Facebook Live.

“We are concerned over the arrival of Pashtoons in the PoK. The last time they came here, they carried out endless atrocities against our women. Pakistan intends to smuggle them into Kashmir.”

Pakistan is, apparently, trying to repeat the “Kabayali” camouflage of 1947 to grab J&K. It had forced the then Maharaja Hari Singh to sign an Instrument of Accession with the Government of India which rushed troops to defeat Pakistan’s designs.

On 21 October 1947, thousands of Pashtoon tribesmen from the North-West Frontier Province (NWFP), supported by the Pakistan Army, infiltrated into J&K, with many armymen also dressed up as tribals.

“Heinous crimes were committed by them against our women back then, which makes us concerned about their arrival this time, again” Mirza added.



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