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India Vigilant: China steps up the heat in Bhutan, cools down in Galvan

China steps back in Galvan Valley But steps up the heat in eastern Bhutan Nature, Modi, Doval active in Galvan India vigilant, not giving any quarter to a ruthless China. New Delhi: President Xi Jinping’s China is following the hackneyed script of his Communist Party’s founder Chairman Mao Zedong: two steps forward, one step back. […]

Emergency@45: Scrap “socialist, secular” from the Constitution now

The 42nd Amendment to the Constitution needs to be undone. Words like “socialist, secular” should be removed from the Constitution. No country is now socialist or secular now. PM Modi now has the opportunity, political will and support to undo this wrong of the past. Indira Gandhi had clamped the International Emergency on India 45 […]

Politics on Ladakh: Does Rahul’s Congress represent China in India?

New Delhi: One thing common between an aging Rahul Gandhi, 50, and a fossilized China is that they both have short memories and refuse to learn from their own disasters! Still basking in its so-called 1962 ‘glory’ China continues to threaten India, conveniently forgetting its multiple defeats in skirmishes from 1967 onwards. Similarly, Gandhi, still […]

GLOBAL INDIANS: How the Hindus, Sikhs won Americans’ hearts in COVID-19 crisis

New Delhi: The Indians are familiar with them, selflessly serving the victims of natural or manmade tragedies. The Americans have seen them do so, perhaps, for the first time. Indian-Americans, particularly the Sewa International volunteers and the Sikh community have reached out to hundreds of thousands of Americans to provide them succour while they struggled […]

COVID-19: US psychics Dixon, Sylvia Browne predicted China’s “germ war”!

In 1947, Dixon predicted India’s Partition, Gandhi assassination. Also said China will start a “germ war” Sylvia Browne also predicted COVID-19, the global pandemic. Ahmedabad: Some may call it a coincidence or speculation, others a ‘prediction’. But at least two American psychics—Jeane Dixon and Sylvia Browne—had predicted years ago that Red China will start a […]

Independence of Bhopal: How its Nawab surrendered to Sardar Patel!

Bhopal celebrated its “Independence Day” on June 1. On this day in 1949, it was merged with the Indian Union. Pandit Uddhavdas Mehta led the agitation for this merger. He was also a founder of the RSS and Hindu Mahasabha. Bhopal: Few people now realize that Bhopal did not get independence on August 15, 1947, […]

A New India: RSS lends support to Modi’s Atmanirbhar Bharat

Dr. Manmohan Vaidya supports Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan Says its right time to revive India’s decentralized economy With China losing out, India has a great opportunity waiting for exports Exhorts youth to take advantage of new opportunities Lock-down a ‘blessing-in-disguise’ for reviving Indian economy New Delhi: As India began to reopen the over two-month-long national lockdown […]

ROVING PERISCOPE: Taliban plays hardball with Pak on Kashmir

Taliban distances from Kashmir The US forcing Kabul, Islamabad on the same page Washington may use the Taliban against China New Delhi: That Pakistan may not be able to call the shots in Kabul the way it did in the past became apparent on Monday when the Taliban officially refused to support Islamabad-sponsored terrorism in […]

COVID-19: With migrants returning, India’s big numbers may shift to other states

Donald Trump on HCQ, despite warning! India now catching up with the West, registers first lakh infections Double whammy for returnees Returning migrant workers may shoot up the numbers soon. New Delhi: The irony could not have been starker. On Monday when President Donald Trump said he was taking an anti-malaria drug to beat COVID-19, […]

COVID-19: With migrant returnees, is India scaling up the Second Wave?

Millions of Indian migrant workers returning home now. Some of them tested positive; add to their home states’ woes COVID-19’s resurgence and Second Wave possible in some countries. New Delhi: India has, with 85.940 positive cases and 2,752 deaths as on Saturday, inched past China which now, officially, has 82,941 infections and 4,666 deaths. In […]